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Come walk with me and hold my hand,

Share with me the rarities of this earth.

Show me the way when I am blind,

Brace me, when I am weak.

For tomorrow we shall conquer,

But for this day we shall live.

Together, forever, like the stars

In the heavens never ceasing to exist.

So is my love to you, my friend.

by DL Kraft

Lost Love

Sitting by the fire, listening

Only to the thoughts of your eyes.

Is it the sorrows of the past

That wet your cheeks with yesterdays storm.

The clouds, the thunder,

The fours winds so vast.

Always give way when a new dawn is born.

The thoughts, the feelings,

That seem to be free.

When just today I saw something beautiful,

And you were not there to share it with me.

by DL Kraft


A World changing

Do you see the sun setting through the trees,     

Or is it only the oranges, pinks and reds.

What of the crickets, the birds singing,

The purple haze of the grassy meadow.

Is it the face that holds the meaning,

Or is it not the hidden values of beyond.

Look again, for you only have but minutes,

Seconds, never to be again

by DL Kraft


The silent laughter of a smile so new

And the squinty little eyes wondering "who"?

Sharing the joy that can be so rare,

Can give inner warmth; a feeling to care.

The gentle soft touch of a young babe in blue,

Gives an old man like me feelings anew.

My  first Grandchild

by DL Kraft


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